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March 28, 2013 at 8:30pm


A day at the office with Key and Peele: who can be the [pseudo] nicest co-worker?

This video is a hilarious portrayal of that person in the office who is always trying to come across as being overly generous but has less then altruistic intentions.  It was posted as a response to an article in today’s New York Times that examines organizational psychologist Adam Grant’s new book, “Give and Take,” which takes a look at givers, takers, matchers (the in between category where most people fall) and succeeding in the workplace.  

Adam Grant’s interview can be viewed here.  

I was so intrigued by Adam’s theories about givers, takers and matchers that I already reserved the book from the library.  I think I fall in the “matcher” category, hopefully closer to the “giver” end of the spectrum.  And I am certainly nothing like Key and Peele (note: the best part was when they are sitting at their respective non-descript desks and are pretending to be fiercely typing away).

I’ll report back post read with a review.


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